Chania is a magical destination for holidays, located in the northern part of western Crete. You will soon realize why the majority of people calls it the "Venice of the East". It is a beautiful city that will take you beyond the limits of a traditional Greek landscape. Are you wondering about its trademark? But Of course, the Old Town and the stunning blue-green beaches.

You will leave enchanted!

The city is full of history and culture, and visitors can explore the narrow alleys and Venetian buildings of the old town, the historic Venetian harbor with its proud lighthouse, and many other things that you will discover only after getting lost in the picturesque cobbled streets. Most of the narrow alleys preserve unchanged the Venetian architectural features, that take you back in time and each time you discover a hint of their history.

And of course, we cannot omit the beautiful beaches of Chania. In very close distances, you may find yourself in earthly paradises, with crystal clear waters and stunning beaches. No matter which season you choose for this destination, one thing is for sure. You will leave enchanted!